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Urban Design Berlin Play Equipment Urban Design Berlin playground in NJ

Urban Design Berlin playground in Fairfax County, VAToday, adventures like those of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn can mostly be experienced just through books and electronic media. Little wonder that more and more children are suffering from a deficit of movement and an increasing disability of being creative.

We believe that play environments should strive to make up for this lost world.

In cooperation with professional play designers, Urban Design Berlin has developed a unique and modern line of new and different play events that are made for living it up!

Here’s the Four Major Considerations for all Urban Design Berlin play events:

Must be safe, durable, and hygienic. It must also meet with the increasing demand for longer useful life and minimize the long term maintenance. Therefore, all products are made mostly of stainless steel

Urban Design Berlin in New York CityFunction
Everything must work. Merry go rounds must turn, Swings must be easy to move. And they must do so for a very long time.

Aesthetic Impression
The equipment must be pleasing to the eyes and interesting to the senses. These days our children are satiated with stimuli. They are experiencing simple forms in strong colors. We believe that play forms should be simple and the colors subdued. We limit them to a small palette of nature oriented colors. Playing should be a feast for the eyes!

Originality and Suitability of Play Idea
Good play equipment is simple and encourages the users for active and creative play.

Urban Design Berlin playground in PA Urban Design Berlin playground in MD

Check out the Urban Design Berlin website at for more detailed information on the complete array of unique play events from Urban Design Berlin.


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